About Us

Our production team and film crews are central to our success. Everyone in the team draws heavily on skills developed by working on high profile programmes from broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4 and the Discovery Channel.

Our producers and directors have been responsible for some highly acclaimed commissions covering everything fom observational documentaries to wild life films and consumer affairs programmes. They are truly talented at all levels of production from directing to editing and are skilled at producing high end work for every budget.

The ever changing face of technology brings exciting, new and varied opportunities for capturing and delivering high quality films.

Our technical and post production team are at the cuttting edge of this to ensure that we keep pace with emerging standards and expectations. We deliver films across the broadcast spectrum so that you can watch on the web, via TV, DVD or even on the go via your mobile phone.

IMMEDIATEFILMS Ltd is a Registered Company of England and Wales.
Company Number: 04451518
t 07956 828 476
e info@immediatefilms.com